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June Harvest

This post is titled “June Harvest,” however as it is now the end of July, you can see that I did not get around to finishing this post until now. The good news here is that you don’t have to wait for an update. It will follow shortly! When I came home to the farm from Atlanta a few weeks ago, Mom had gotten an incredible garden started. In addition to that, there were some surprise plants sprouting!


Tons of strawberries in the raised beds.


My faithful garden helper, Willie.


Lots of tomatoes sprouting out.


I love the veil that asparagus makes during this stage. The plants are probably about 4.5′ tall.


There were so many cucumbers! Couldn’t pick fast enough.

We had three cucumber vines this year.  it was more than enough! We had cucumbers coming out of our ears.  I brought a huge amount of them back to Atlanta with me.  Out of those, I ended up making four different pickle recipes! There was relish, hot, sweet, and dill. I am planning to post photos and recipes from that. So, keep an eye out.


Surprise! This appeared in two places in the garden.

This was one of our surprise vines.  Looks like a pumpkin, just white.  Not sure what to make of it just yet.  I’m going to do a little research, but time will be the best indicator of what it is.


Another surprise! A gourd perhaps?

Here’s another surprise vine, and another white one at that.  These are small, about 3″ across.  They look like the decorative gourds seen in the fall.

Update and progress to follow soon. Can’t wait to see what comes out later in the summer.

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Baking Soda 3 Ways (for summer)

This weekend I had a request for baking soda 3 ways.  There are probably about 75 ways to use baking soda, so how do I narrow it down to just three??  Here’s a good starting point.  Summer uses for baking soda. 

1.  Body scrub.  I’m sure you are out in this beautiful summer sun and soaking it all up.  Oops! You got too much sun and now you’re skin is peeling.  Baking soda to the rescue.  When you get in the shower, sprinkle some soda on your wash cloth and gently rub your skin.  It will help to exfoliate all the dead skin off the surface. 

2.  Jellyfish sting aid. As a child, my friend and I got stung all over our legs by jellyfish.  I still remember the pain being helped the most by basking soda paste.  My mother mixed a little bit of water in some baking soda to make a spreadable paste.  She spread it all over our legs and then allowed it to dry.  You can brush it off and reapply as much as you like.  There’s not really any measurement to it.  Just pour some soda in a bowl and add water a few drops at a time, mix, and you will get a pasty consistency.

3.  Laundry booster.  With all the outdoor activity of summer, clothes seem to get more dingy with dirt, sweat, sunscreen, etc. Baking soda can help clean it all away.  Add 1/2 cup of soda to a load of laundry.  It will balance the pH and make the detergent work much better.  Your clothes will be fresher and brighter. 

Here’s a bonus use! When in the shower, sprinkle a small amount (a teaspoon or two) in your hand with your shampoo.  Wash your hair as normal.  It will help to get rid of any built up reside you have from activity or hair products. 

More to follow.  Let me know how baking soda is working for you!


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