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Baby Powder 3 Ways, Plus a Few More…

Baby powder is one of those products that has a ton of uses but many times is not thought of outside of its normal recommendations.  On an everyday basis, here are some ways I use it: We all know how brutal the humidity can be here in the South. (If you don’t, then just trust me.) There are plenty of days that I get out of a cool shower only to be sweating again a short time later before I’m even ready to go out the door.  Baby powder will certainly fix that. Merely applying a thin layer over your body will take the stickiness right away and the veil will stay with you for hours.  My favorite use is in my shoes.  Many days of the year in the South require going sans socks or stockings, again, due to the humidity.  Bare feet tend to stick to the insides of leather shoes or made fabric ones a bit stinky.  A little shake of baby powder inside your shoes or on your toes make all the difference.

After some research merely among some friends of mine, I found a gross excess of uses outside of use on the body.  Included here are more than the typical three ways, but they needed to be shared.

1. My friend Ronald W., a seasoned musician, uses b.p. on his hands when he plays his upright bass.  It helps to prevent his hands from slipping and sweating and makes playing generally easier.

2. A  similar use would be using it on your hands when playing pool.  It helps the cue glide easily through a player’s hand.

3. Dry shampoo for your pets. A few shakes onto your pet’s fur followed by a thorough brushing will eliminate odors, oily spots and probably make him feel better just as we would! (I just tried it on my two cats.  They didn’t mind at all! They are cleaner, dry (to their utter delight) and loved the brushing.)

4. Grease stain removal can be easily aided. Shake some powder on the stain, rub it in and let sit for a bit, then brush off. Repeat until the stain is eliminated.

5. My grandmother suggested cleaning your playing cards! Place the cards in a plastic bag with a couple of shakes of powder, then shake the bag. The cards come out refreshed and smooth to the touch.

6. Foil pests on flower bulbs! Who would have thought! Even as a Garden Club member, this is something I was totally unaware of.  Give the bulbs a dusting of medicated baby powder before planting and the pests will stay away from them.

7. Prevent underarm and collar stains by ironing on a coat of powder before you wear the garment. it makes a barrier between you and the fabric, preventing the oils from you body from absorbing into the fabric.

8. I was told also that b.p. will keep ants away.  This would be a good natural alternative to pesticides. Sprinkle the powder across the threshold of entry. Vacuum up then replace as needed until they have gone away.  I have not tried it, but there seem to be mixed reviews on the internet. It’s worth a shot, especially if you have small children around.

As there are multiple more uses for baby powder, I will end the list here.  Feel free to tell me and the rest of us what you are doing with it!

My baby powder of choice.
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