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Using the Coconut Oil

Ah, Pinterest, you have struck my fancy again. A few days ago, I was perusing the pictures and came across a post that I, myself, have posted about in the past. See that post here. 52 Uses for Coconut Oil started out as a list with more uses for coconut oil than I thought I could ever use. As it turns out, readers have added 70+ more uses to her list. Glancing at this made me realize that I bought a jar of it quite a few months ago and had not used it yet. I decided it was time. I will preface this list with the fact that I’m not really a coconut person.  It’s growing on me.  The taste and smell of the oil are faint, so I can handle it.


Here’s what I’ve done with it this week:
1. Facial moisturizer. After I washed my face, before going to bed, I slathered it on. It soaked right in. The next morning, I looked like a new person. My skin was very hydrated and more plump.

2. Additive to coffee.
From what I can see, others are consuming it in lots of ways. I thought I would try it in my coffee. I drink mine with only half & half. I added just a little amount of the oil, about half of a teaspoon, give or take. It added just a hint of flavor.

3. Cat food additive.
During these dry months, it’s important to keep pets hydrated so they aren’t scratching dry skin. You can lead a cat to water, you know. I melted just a little of the oil in the microwave and drizzled it over their food. They didn’t seem to mind at all and ate all of it. (Of course, cats can be finicky, so easy does it on the amount.)

4. Leather Moisturizer. I’ve got a pair of ropers (cowboy boots) that I’ve had for over ten years.  The toes were a little scuffed up and I couldn’t put my hands on my shoe polish at the time. So, I rubbed a little c. oil on it and it fixed them right up.  Not the same as a polish and buff, but definitely hydrated them and brought them to a better state.

5. Lip moisturizer.  Works just as well as it did on my face.

6. Scalp conditioner. With the air being dry lately, My scalp around my forehead  has been the same. In the morning before my shower, I rubbed some on my scalp and let it soak in for about ten minutes, then just washed as usual.  Worked like a charm.

What have you been doing with it?

Cheers, Olivia

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What Cures a Nervous Feline?



As I’m sitting at my computer, attempting to get some work done, my usual helper has come by.  Stinky, pictured above just came up to his perch, that happens to be right in the middle of everything I’m doing. (Typical of most cats. ) After wearing himself out by attacking the velcro strip on my computer cord, he has gone to slumber for a bit.  As I’m moving around, making some noise, he jumps from fright and is startled out of his sleep.  he has been doing this for quite a few months now and it is to the point of being comical.  I just laughed and tried to ease him.  He is startled often, when I open the door, put pots away, slide something across the floor, open/close drawers, etc.  Basically, anything that is not a quiet or subtle noise affects him.

Why this is, I don’t know.  He is a very friendly and loving, laid-back cat that loves to play and cuddle. He has no fear of dogs or cars and doesn’t meet a stranger.  It’s just odd to me that he has gotten so jumpy.

Anyone else ever have this problem? What’s the solution?

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52 Uses for Coconut Oil

I wanted to put up a 3 Ways post today. After some time, and a mental block, I was perusing the net and then remembered this that I came across a couple of weeks ago. I am taking absolutely no credit for this one. Just passing along a very thorough and useful list of things to do with Coconut Oil!

Currently, I do not use this for anything and never have. Looks like I need to! I will get some and try it. What are you doing with it?


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Pledge Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair

Here’s a fantastic product that I need to share with pet owners. There are probably fourteen different pet hair remover gadgets out on the market. Most seem like gimmicks to me and I have been reluctant to buy any of them. I was introduced to this one a few months back and got to try it before I bought it. Truly, it is one of the greatest things I could ask for. The Pledge Fabric Sweeper works like a charm. It works on furniture, bedspreads, pillows, car interiors, rugs, and the list goes on. It sweeps from side to side and the hair and fur is swept up inside the chamber.

From the Pledge website


Underside of the product

There is a negative to this, however. They advertise it as a multi-use disposable product. Once you buy it, you will see. They are right, you can use it multiple times. My concern is that it is such a waste and bad contribution to the environment to throw away such heavy plastic on a regular basis. But wait!! There’s hope. The sweepers are easily removable! Just pop one out and remove the pet hair and pop it back in. That way, you can reuse a great deal more. I have tried it this way and have been using it for months.


Roller snaps right out to empty

Let me know if you’ve tried one of if you do. Take a look at it on their website. These can be purchased at grocery, variety, and some hardware stores.

Hope you’re enjoying this mid February day! It’s gorgeous here in Atlanta.


Ok. So here’s an update.  After reading the product info on the website, I was a little confused.  It reported the box says resuable and the directions say to dispose of when full.  So, I emailed the company to ask and quickly got a response.

“I’m glad you wrote, Olivia.
It’s great to hear you had a chance to try Pledge® Fabric Sweeper For Pet Hair – and it’s especially nice to know how pleased you are with the results.
However, I did want to add that since it sounds like you’re currently using the previous disposable model, I think you’ll be happy to learn in July 2011 we introduced an environmentally friendly sweeper designed with a removable lid. No more popping out rollers – simply sweep, empty, and reuse!
Thanks for the chance to help, and be sure to look for packages labeled “Empty & Reuse”.
Best wishes,
Consumer Relationship Center SC Johnson, A Family Company”

That’s good news! Glad they are being more environmentally conscious.


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Fleas? In the Winter??

Winter? Wait. What winter? There has barely been a cold week here in the South this year. Unfortunately for my kitties, the fleas have made a surprise appearance lately. Just like with plants, the cold weather serves to give dormancy to fleas and other insects, but when the temperatures don’t drop down enough, there are occasional insect visitors and early bloomers. I am the proud owner of two white cats, Stinky and Willie- both white. Its been said that white cats attract more fleas and I would certainly agree with that. It’s a terrible fight during the summers keeping fleas off. Too bad we’re fighting them off this month, too!

In my experience, the only thing that has worked for them is the Advantage gel that goes on the nape of the neck. It’s not my first choice to use a chemical product on them, because if given to high of a dose, it will cause them to vomit. Definitely not something I like to subject them too. So, last week, I noticed they were scratching a bit and decided to do some searching to find an alternate to the meds. The first thing I did was bathe Stinky in some over the counter flea shampoo, Sergeant’s Gold. image
I can say with certainty that this is a top-notch product. It seems to be mild and gentle and it smells great (as far as flea shampoos go). The best part it- it works. It got rid of the fleas and has relieved his itching. His coat is snow white again, too. I don’t think that will be powerful enough to rid him of fleas during the summer months, but is my first choice at this pont.

During my quest, I did some research online and came across a good website for such information. There are lots of alternatives to chemical products. Take a look at Healthy Pet Journal.

Stinky napping in his favorite spot

Willie playing outside

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Big Daddy Biscuits

Last week, I went by Bakeshop to see my friend Jonathan. He wasn’t there, but as fate would have it, I met a pretty cool girl. Lauren Janis, owner and baker of Big Daddy Buiscuits was there working away on some organic doggie mints. Yes, I said mints. They will freshen your dog’s breath with mint, parsley, and activated charcoal. They smelled delicious.

Lauren pinching the mints by hand before they go into the oven.

Lauren makes all kinds of dog treats, all by hand and all with love. Inspired by her resuced dog, Big Daddy, she made a buisiness out of her love for him and other animals. I admire what she’s doing. Her work isn’t just about making money. It’s about animal care, sustaining the environment and supporting other local producers. All of her products are made with organic ingredients and she recycles her containers. Johnston Milk comes from Newborn, GA. Eggs come from Little Red Hen Farm in Concord, GA and her activated charcoal was bought at Sevananda Market in Little Five Points.

Big Daddy Biscuits on display at Bakeshop

I like what she’s doing and wanted to share. Check out Big Daddy Biscuits for yourself and look for her all around the Atlanta area. Her locations and schedule are listed on her site.


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