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Today’s Lunch! Had to share!


Grilled Cheese w/ cheddar, fontina, jalapeños, and thick cut country bacon! Good grief, it was good!

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Leftover Salmon 3 Ways

Yep, I said it.  Leftover salmon.  Why would I write on that topic, you ask? Well, I had a huge portion of salmon leftover from dinner a few days ago and something had to be done with it.  Here are the three meals I made:

1. Salmon BLT.  This was a dish served at Murphy’s in the Virginia Highlands in Atlanta.  When I worked there, it was one of my favorite dishes.  I recreate it on occasion.  Mine’s a little different, but it is merely a BLT with a filet of salmon added right on top. Yum Yum Yum.

2.  Omelette.  I flaked off some of the fish and chopped up the asparagus that was with and tossed it in with scrambled eggs.  Instant omelette.  Man, it was good!

3.  Today’s lunch was campanelle pasta with salmon.  I cooked the pasta, and before it was done, I added some frozen green peas.  After a couple of minutes, drained and returned to heat.  Add a tiny bit of butter, some half & half, parmesan, the salmon, garlic and some dill (plus a teaspoon of flour to help thicken the mix a little).  A little salt and pepper to top it off.  Fast and filling!

What are you throwing together with your leftover salmon?

Cheers, Olivia

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