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Rainy Day Project: Rocking Chair Rehab

Another rainy weekend in Georgia. Yes, indeed. The list of outdoor activities was rather short today. However, I found something to work on. The rocking chairs at the cabin were dry and thirsty, and have been for quite some time. I decided on a linseed oil finish. I brushed it on the flat surfaces and used a cloth on the round surfaces.


In the beginning…



Test spot. It’s a go!


Before and after.


Finished product. What a difference. Much better!

I bought the oil at my local lumberyard/home improvement store. It was located with the paint stripper and mineral spirits.  You can find it at any hardware store or similar.


Klean-Strip. The brand I used.

What was your project from the weekend? Let me know!



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Re-purposing Antiques. Time For a Field Trip!

One of my favorite things to do is to seek out the old and repurpose it into the new. Last week, my friend Cris of  Cris Angsten Interiors, came down to Atlanta to join me on an antiquing field trip.  Our first stop was at Kudzu Antiques in Decatur. This is truly one of my favorite places to shop for antiques and oddities. For the most part, if you want it, you’ll find it there. Our trip here was dual purpose.  She, of course, in it to find a new place to shop for design elements and I, to find goodies to reuse in different ways. What a fun day it was.  There were tons of possibilities for the both of us. I have complied a gallery of my finds, a couple of which you might see on her page as well. Click on any of the photographs below to begin a slideshow!

The second part of the trip was to a place that I’ve seen and been dying to go.  Who can turn an opportunity down to go to a place with a name like Desperate Housewares? Very clever. There is quite a variety of things in this store.  Furniture, rugs, glassware, artwork, and other eclectic items.  There is definitely a heavy influence of mid century to 80’s in this place.  This trip, I didn’t see anything I couldn’t live without, but it would be worth a trip back on occasion or a call to see if they had something specific.

So very 70's. I felt like I was at the Ropers' condo on Three's Company.

Here’s all the store info:

Kudzu Antiques
2928 East Ponce De Leon Avenue
Decatur, GA 30030-2216
Hours: 11am-7pm EST, 7 Days A Week
404-373-6498 If you have to leave a message, don’t worry. They are prompt in returning calls!
Desperate Housewares
Wednesday to Friday: 12:00 to 6:00 P.M.
Saturday: 10:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.
Sunday: 12:00 to 5:00 P.M.
Closed Monday and Tuesday
241 Boulevard NE
Atlanta, GA 30312

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Nifty New Candle Holders

Just a quick post about something I got this week. Went to IKEA with the bf to buy some new bedroom furniture. While walking around, I saw these cool candle holders there at a WHOPPING 49 cents each!
He treated me to six of them. Picking out furniture is such a hard job; he thought I deserved a little treat I suppose. 🙂 At any rate, just wanted to mention how cool they are. They are glass and about 3 inches across on one end and about 2 on the other. Until today, I didn’t even notice that they are multiple use. I can put votives, tea lights, or taper candles in them. It’s great to find a multi-use product!




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Corks 3 Ways

Merry Christmas from the Myers household!


Wreath of corks

This new wreath is adorning my front door.  It’s made of corks! Corks are an item that we obtain all year long.  There’s always a jar sitting around being filled, but what does everyone do with them?  The big jar is a great decorator item, so nothing wrong with that; it is a divine thing to look at and a good conversation piece. Other things that are commonly made with them are trivets and bulletin boards. I’ve got three ways to use them that you might not know about yet.

1. Starting above with the wreath, it’s my latest project.  I started with a straw wreath base and hot glued them on all the way around.  About 150 corks later, I added a bow that I made and hung it with fishing line.  It looks charming!

2. Table Leveler.  This is an old trick I learned from years in the restaurant business. Cut a cork lengthwise on the diagonal,  Then wedge under the rocking leg of the table and there you have it! Level table again! It is soft and stays in place.  Works like a charm.

3.  Felt Pad Substitute. If you use felt pads on the bottom of your furniture legs, cabinet doors,etc, corks are an ideal substitute.  Slice the end off with a sharp knife and use an adhesive appropriate for the material it is being attached to, and you are ready to go.  I used them on the bottom of this ceramic dish that I made.  The dish had a couple of tiny rough spots that I was having trouble filing down.  After getting one scratch on top of my liquor cabinet (where this sits) I decided to fix it.  I just used hot glue.  It will not effect the pottery if I decide to remove it.

Underside of dish.

Side view. Very thin slice.

Let me know your ideas or uses.


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Springtime Spruce-Up for Your Home

Spring is here! The flowers are blooming, the breezes are blowing and the sun is shining.  Everyone wants to get out of the house and enjoy the season.  It’s also a time for spring cleaning and buying some new items for your wardrobe.  It seems like everything is getting a fresh face.  What about your house? It’s the perfect time to spruce it up and welcome the change is season.  Here are a few simple suggestions to get the change underway.

Art. Bring art into your space- whether on the walls or out in the space.  Art adds so much character to a home.  Pictures, prints, and paintings are all typically in frames and are good items to start with.  Large paintings (framed or not) can take up a large amount of space.  Framed items can be paired, grouped in multiples, hung in a long line or a variety of other ways.  It’s an excellent idea to incorporate some type of three dimensional work.  Metal sculptures/cut-outs, woven fabrics/quilts, old metal signs, and baskets can be hung on walls.  Three dimensional art can also be placed all around your space.  Pottery, sculptures of metal, wood, ceramic, or stone, and glass works are just a few examples. 

Lamps/Lighting. Changing the lighting in a room always changes the mood.  If you have only an overhead light in your room, try adding some lamps or sconces. Multiple sources of light can make all the difference.  Changing the bulbs will change things, too.  Bright, soft, incandescent, fluorescent- which will you choose? In addition to the type of light, think about the way the light source itself looks.  You could change out the lamps or shades.  Does set of globes on your ceiling fan need updating?  Lamps can be pricey.  So, if you need a less expensive alternative, consider rearranging the lamps in your house.  Just move them around from room to room. 

Pillows. Throw pillows are one of the fastest ways to change a room.  The choices of colors and fabrics are limitless.  They add a burst of color, an extra bit of comfort and a finished look to your room.  Pillows can be found all over.  Home discount stores have large varieties of them at very reasonable prices.  Another suggestion is to buy pillow forms and make (or have made) pillow covers that come on and off.  They are easily cleaned and changed.

Plants.  Plants freshen up any space you put them in.  Adding life to your rooms, oxygen to the air and an overall more pleasant environment, plants are an easy way to go.  Add as many as you like, but it just takes one.  If you don’t have a green thumb, ask the staff at the nursery for a low maintenance house plant and ask them how to care for it. 

Accessories. Changing accessories changes your room.  As I mentioned before, you can move things around that you already have.  If you want new and fresh items, try some of these: candles, lidded glass jars or containers filled with colorful items (candy, marbles, river rocks, greenery, etc.) mini mannequins (to hold jewelry or hats).  Collections are nice to have on display.  Books arranged creatively on shelves, a collection of baskets hung on the wall or nestled around the top of your kitchen cabinets, pottery, glassware in a case, or whatever you collect can be displayed to add character. 

Rearranging.  This is by far the easiest way to change a room.  Simply move the furniture around.  It makes everything different gives you the change you are seeking with minimal effort and no cost.

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