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Reader Reader RSS, Which of You is the Best?

To my misfortune, my hard drive was corrupted a couple of weeks ago.  Fortunately, my computer guy was able to rescue all of my documents, files, pictures, etc.  Whew.  One thing I did lose was my Outlook.  It came with the computer to start with, but for whatever reason, cannot be restored with the rest of my Office products.  Another of life’s mysteries… I used Outlook as my reader and liked that it would corral all of my feeds from various locations in one spot.  I have not gotten it back on my computer as of yet, and decided to read on Google Reader in the meantime.  Oh, but alas! Google Reader is disappearing as of July of this year.  So, the search continues from here for a solution.

Admittedly, I’m no genius when it comes to feeds.  The concept is simple enough, but for me, when I go to sign up for a feed, there are always tons of options to choose from and on top of that it seems that each choice must have an account or login info.  It becomes exhausting when seeking out all this info. That’s where the Outlook came in handy. Whether by feed or by email, it was all brought together in one place.  So, from here, I started doing some reading about where everyone was going from GR. I looked at a handful of options and reviews and decided on Feedly.  It’s not cluttered and full of junk. The transition was seamless and it makes following someone very easy, with just a couple of clicks.

What are you using? Do you like or dislike Feedly? Tell me what’s on your mind.

Have a good Wednesday.


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