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Medicinal Properties of Coconut

Calicut, Kerala

Twice in the past, I have posted about coconut oil.  One post describing 52+ uses for it and the other describing ways that I have been using it on a regular basis. This week, I came across this article.   It describes thirteen evidence-based medicinal uses for coconut oil. You’ll learn a lot- including why sunscreen many times smells like coconut. Give it a look.  If you are interested in more natural methods of living, follow their blog or their Facebook page- Raw for Beauty.

Enjoy.  Olivia 

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Edible Schoolyard

Life Skills at work! I need to borrow your copy Jennie and give it a read. 🙂

Hippie Mothers Club

I just devoured the most delicious book, The Edible Schoolyard, about the journey of Alice Waters–Montessori teacher turned restaurant owner–as she transforms a vacant lot behind MLK Middle School in Berkeley CA into an edible oasis where children learn to grow crops, cook and eat together–the story told elegantly with gorgeous photographs. There’s more to it. I can’t do the book justice at all.

Of course, it is everything Reggio is about. In fact, it is the soil of the Reggio garden project turned even more deeply, grown wilder and allowed to reseed itself–with older children and higher stakes.

It got me thinking in goals. 1) Work in the garden with my children on our day off this Wednesday. 2) The school garden is where I belong–either at my own children’s schools or at a nearby public one.

Whereas I’m Christian and I don’t attend services on Yom Kippur…

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As an avid gardener, I thought this was pretty funny. It happens to all of us.


1. Weeds. I was going to say more about that but I think its pretty much wrapped up in the one word.

2. When little sticks and leaves fall down the gap in the back of your pants and gather in your undies. Please tell me that this happens to other people too…

3. Roundup weed killer on the sole of your gumboot. You’ll only discover this in a few days time when you’re wondering how the lawn got that weird pattern of dead spots.

4. When your gloves start to feel wet on the inside. Usually after some enthusiastic hose use. It just feels yucky, ok?

5. When you pull out a ‘weed’ only to discover that it was a keeper and you desperately shove it back in the ground, only to find it a few days later all limp and browning, making you suffer its slow death as…

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great idea – 10 uses for tea

Just Add Honey is a local company here in Atlanta. This is truly some of the best tea I’ve had. ( Their Chamomile is my favorite). You can find them with vendors around town or at some local Farmers Markets. See what else you can do with tea besides drinking it!

just add honey tea co

Is your pantry stocked with boxes, tins, and bags of tea?!

Do you have a dedicated shelf to the leaf?!

Maybe our "tea pantry" is getting a little bit out of control?

Allow just add honey to offer 10 uses for all of that tea {and save the good stuff for drinking!}

1. Soak your toes!

Peppermint, spearmint, or Chamomile tea are soothing teas that will help relax and revive your feet {and get rid of the stink!!!}

2. Add to your compost.

Loose leaf tea is great in the compost. Don’t trash it, compost it baby!

3. Rest your weary eyes.

Place a tea bag {herbal only} on your lids to reduce puffiness.

4. Get the antique look.

Antique lace. Tea stained paper. Soak your medium in black tea {check it often to achieve the color you want} and you have a dyed masterpiece awaiting.

5. Make drawer sachets.

Lavender, Peppermint, Chamomile, you name it, makes a delightful bouquet for drawer…

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Good Cooks Never Lack Friends

This just sounded like a fun group and I wanted to share.

Martina in Jozi

As you can read about here, I’m part of a cooking club.  We had our second meeting and Laura was the host.  She cooked a delicious roast dinner.  The chicken was so moist, and I found out later that she uses Jamie Oliver’s method, which obviously works well.  I was excited for Laura’s turn as I actually know her from London and know that she cooks a mean roast.  Also, I was hung over as hell and a roast dinner is a great recovery tool

A jug of Pimm’s was served that went down very well – it was all so British!  I think the best thing about a roast dinner is that no one does it quite the same – there are so many variations and so you never get bored.  There were only so many times I could invite my friends over for lasagne in the UK…

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