Notes from the Trail 8/11/2013

12 Aug

On Sunday morning, I got a call early from my good friend Rob. He was ready for an adventure. So, to the Pinhoti Trail we went. We both live just a few miles from it, so it was a natural choice! Our journey took us to the top of Taylor’s Ridge in Summerville, GA. We walked west two miles along the top of the ridge. Here are a few pictures from along the way. By the way, I love photographing mushrooms. These are courtesy of my iPhone.





Decomposing mushroom.


This butterfly landed right as I was taking the picture. Good timing.


A trail marker from a previous hiker or two. Rob added one stone to the top.


This tiny purple fungus was right in the middle of the trail. Its Coral Fungus, I believe. I have never seen it. So interesting!


Coming off the trail. We were hot and red faced!


The views were minimal. Through this opening, we could see the industrial park, including my dad’s building.



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