World’s Longest Yard Sale Adventures

04 Aug

World’s Longest Yard Sale. Have you heard of it? Well, they aren’t kidding. Stretching from lower Michigan to upper Alabama and outstretched all along the way, it is truly a sight to behold. Yard sales as far as you can see or drive. More stuff than you can shake a stick at, as we say in the South. My mother, my friend Heimu (the Tibetan as I affectionately call her) and I set off last weekend to find treasures. We live in NW GA, so we went on the Lookout Mountain corridor in Cloudland, GA and Mentone, AL. Here’s what I managed to find.


Judging by the picture, it seems I had a theme going and didn’t even know it.  Everything turned out to be in the green/blue family. We’ll start with the boots.  Justin ropers, just my size, and worn a few times. $15.  My history with Justins goes back quite a few years and I just had to have them. Loving the color.

Three midcentury juice glasses, in turquoise of course.  Half of the contents of my house is midcentury and lots of turquosie is mixed in.  Odd number, but what the heck.  I like them and they’ll fit right in. 50 cents each.

Pottery bowl.  I make pottery and always love collecting the work of others.  I got this little gem for $3. Quite a deal if I say so.  It will be a good addition to my kitchen.

The little tiny item is hard to see here, but check below for another picture.  It’s a tiny Christmas ornament.  My mother and many others I know used to make these in the 80’s.  They are miniature cross stitch in a tiny frame. I have quite a few of them and thought one more would be a nice addition. 50 cents.


The antlers were a great find.  They are small, but I can certainly get use out of them.  I think I will incorporate them into my pottery somehow. $10 for the lot of them.

The piece of driftwood came from my friend Clara.  She sells antiques and this weekend was no different.  She set up shop along the way. She said she found it on a lake, (maybe Weiss in Alabama?) ages ago and had been meaning to give it to me. It has little bits of shell embedded in its nooks and crannies. She wants me to incorporate it in my pottery. I already have an idea for it. Will keep you posted on that.

Look at what everything is sitting on- a practically brand new chaise lounge. I’ve been wanting one for my cabin for a long time.  It hasn’t been a huge priority to buy one.  I figured I’d come across one eventually.  And that, I did! While in Mentone, we came up on a big group that had all sorts of good stuff.  We had a great time talking and laughing with them.  It proved to my benefit, because the girl gave me the $2.50 item for $1!  What a deal. She kept it her garage for ages and maybe used it a time or two.

I found this little guy in the parking lot at Mentone Hardware.  He’s in fairly good shape.  I thought he would be pretty in a cloche with some dried items.  We shall see.


Take a look at these cows.  Remember these from the 80’s and 90’s? Oh boy. Let me tell you, I have rarely seen the Tibetan so excited about something as she was about these cows.  She and I went to some sales on Friday and she came across these on Hwy 117 between Cloudland and Mentone. After asking what I thought, she opted not to buy them.  Who really needs frou frou dressed up cows?? She talked about the “sheep” all night into the next day. When she and mom and I went back that way on Saturday, she mentioned them again. “I look for sheep!” To her udder delight, she came across them again.  When the owner announced that she wanted 50 cents for each of them, Heimu’s eyes lit up and she looked at me and was so excited.  How could she not buy something tha made her so happy for such little money? It was a sweet moment.  She came home and laundered them.  They now reside in her rocking chair next to her Fisher wood stove.  To say she is proud of them is a gross understatement.


Last but not least, a candle holder. It’s an antique and is metal with think enamel on the surface. I’ve never seen one before. It came from my friend Clara that I mentioned before. $10.


Once I got home to the cabin, I picked the day’s harvest.  Here are my nosy Rosies, Willie and Stinky giving it the once over.


Here is a map of the main vein of the Sale.


Here are a couple of links to the Sale: Lookout Mountain Yard Sale Info    Official WLYS Site

I hope your summer is going well.  Olivia

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