Thinking Back Eleven Years

11 Sep

Good morning from my cabin in the woods of NW Georgia. It’s a cool and beautiful start to the day here, just like it was eleven years ago. That fateful day. We are reminded of it often. We lost lives, landmarks, possessions, faith, and numerous other things. The shock was terrifying and numbing. Those of us outside of New York were frozen and in utter disbelief. The events took quite some time to set in. We had no idea what had hit us, what had transpired. It was unfathomable.

My memory of that morning is still sharp. I was still in college at Jacksonville State University in Alabama. For whatever reason, my hair dryer decided to quit on me that morning. Not wanting to have wet hair on a cool morning, I went to my friend April’s house a few blocks away to use hers. (I think I had a presentation that day and wanted to look my best. I can’t think of why it would compell me to drive somewhere to use a hair dryer otherwise.) This took about 15 or 20 minutes total, it seems. On my way back home, something caught my attention on the radio that was quietly playing. There was no music, but a man’s voice with a tone of urgency and confusion, saying something about a plane and the Twin Towers. I turned it up and thought “What? Huh?” also in a state of confusion.

The drive home was only about a minute long. As I walked back in my front door and looked to my left at the tv, the slow motion feeling kicked in. I saw the first tower burning, the chaos, the bafflement. I sat in my chair across the room and was glued to the screen. After a few minutes, I realize that it is almost time for my first class, but I can’t go just yet. I felt compelled to keep watching. At three minutes after 8 (Central time) the second plane hit. With tears coming to my eyes, I knew then that it was no accident.

After a few more minutes, I realized my jaw was hanging open, I hadn’t moved for about ten minutes, and that I was late for class. Coming into class late, I got the concerned eye and question from Mrs. Nemeth. I tried to explain what was going on- none of them knew. Without seeing it or hearing it, they had no idea of the magnitude. They also did not seem to be that interested. I wanted there to be a radio in the room!

As this morning is upon us, I read through a timeline of that day’s events. Large, swollen tears filled my eyes. The fear of all those on the planes is overwhelming. Their swift chain of events, from hearing foreign voices, seeing blood of their own shed, to turbulence and unusual speed, to fear and the sudden thought of loss of life and love is difficult to imagine, still today. With everything in me, I hope I live a life without ever feeling those things.

Remember those lost today. Be grateful you are here and living. Good morning, all.

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