Jalapeno Cornbread Stuffing in Pork Chops

12 Apr

I recently posted here about jalapeño cornbread and promised to write a follow-up with recipes that used it.  The first thing I’ve done is to make stuffing for pork chops.  Let me tell you, this is one of the best dishes I’ve made in a long time. Not recalling ever having made stuffing before, I referenced the Joy of Cooking for guidance. Guidance is the key word, here. Please understand that.  Unless I’m baking, my cooking is typically a dash of this and a bit of that. The recipe I followed [glanced at] was cut in half to start with and subsequently modified about every other step. I could not find a copy of this recipe online. It’s pretty long and I am not in a mood to type it out at the moment.  If you don’t have it or can’t find it, shoot me an email on my form here or leave a comment and I’ll scan it and send to you.

Using my iron skillet, I started out sautéing the bell peppers and onions in butter until tender.

Here, I added some more jalapeños and garlic into the mix. I did not add celery to this. Celery gives it more of a traditional taste and that’s definitely not what I was going for. I also left out the sage and thyme.  As memory serves me, I think I added some cilantro and cumin.  Just a few dashes of cumin and maybe a tablespoon or two of chopped cilantro.  A little bit of sea salt rounded off the top.

Once these ingredients were tender, I added in the crumbled cornbread, stirred, then added the chicken broth. (I used some that I had frozen from before.)

Below is the mix of cornbread and broth.  It should seem moist, but excessive liquid should not be in the bottom.  If there is too much liquid, add more cornbread or some breadcrumbs a little at a time.  Toss lightly to maintain larger pieces of cornbread.

Here, I pounded the chops with a mallet to tenderize and thin the meat. This makes it easier to wrap around the stuffing.

I used thin chops and rolled the meat around the stuffing, rather than using thick chops and slicing and stuffing the inside.  Once rolled, I wrapped a piece of bacon around the outside and held everything together with a toothpick.  Here, I used my smaller skillet, but it would be yummy to put the chops back in the skillet you cooked the stuffing in.

The chops were baked in the oven at about 400° until they got nice and brown.

We served it with some garlic sautéd Brussels Sprouts.  Needless to say, the two we made for lunch the next day were eaten that night.

Just a note from this past weekend: My mother and friend Carol served these at their supper club (about 40 people) and it apparently was a huge hit! Some of them have requested the recipe and I hope they come back here to tell me how it turned out!

Enjoy and report back if you try it or if you make something similar!

Cheers, O

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