Spring Cleaning

24 Feb

Spring seems to be peeking over the fence a bit early this year, but winter will surely rear its head one more time within the next month. While the weather is so nice (albeit there is a high pollen count), my doors and windows are open and spring cleaning is underway. Time to get some projects started around the house. Yesterday’s chores included some yard work, cleaning out a pantry and replanting a Philodendron. Mission accomplished.


The finished product. He is much happier.

The Philodendron I was re-potting belongs to my landlord.  He lives in the house next door, but has some plants on my back patio.  This plant is from an older one that he has had for years.  He prefers to leave this plant out all year round, but that is not my choice.  Frost and cold weather are not good for tropical plants, by the way. He had no problem with me taking care of it for the winter.

It has been in my guest room and I have watered and misted its leaves regularly.  However, the leaves seemed to be dropping a little bit.  The time for re-potting has been imminent.  So, yesterday was the day.  Once out of the old pot, it was evident as to the decline in health of the plant. Root bound for sure.  The poor plant had eaten up almost all of is nutrients/soil. So, after the dead leaves were pulled off and new pot was in place, it got a good watering and fertilizing.  Currently, this is about 4′ tall in the pot.

 The next step was cleaning out one of my pantries in my kitchen.  My house was built in 1921, so storage is limited and awkward.  The kitchen set-up is terrible, but I do have a pretty good pantry for non-food storage. Shelves go all the way up to the high ceilings.  The problem lately is that I have been lazy in putting things away and it’s just gotten cluttered at the bottom.  Everything needed to be moved up and given a proper home.  As you can see from the picture, there’s a chest-of-drawers in the bottom.  (Got it from Craigslist when I moved in and it’s made all the difference.)  At any rate, everything has a better place now and it feels much less cluttered.  This took about 40 minutes to get it back together.  (The lighting is terrible, but just wanted to give the idea.)


The last project was the yard. This is a whole ‘nother post in itself. I will spare you the gruesome details, but I worked for a couple of hours trimming ivy and holly bushes. (Insert holly and ivy joke here.)

So, what is spring cleaning all about? With spring comes new life, growth, warmth, and renewal. As the Earth refreshes itself, so should we. Open the doors and let the fresh air in, getting rid of the stale winter atmosphere in your house. It works wonders.

Following that, here are some typical chores that are done for spring cleaning:

  • Cleaning your bed. This includes washing all linens and vacuuming the mattress.  Rotating the mattress and cleaning the pillows as well.
  • Vacuuming/shampooing rugs.
  • Wiping walls and baseboards down.
  • Cleaning off bookshelves and their items.
  • Cleaning/washing windows and their treatments.
  • Heavy duty cleaning to your floors.
  • Cleaning out closet, swapping winter for summer clothes.
  • Thoroughly vacuum all furniture cushions, underneath, behind, etc.
  • Clean and freshen up you outdoor spaces- patios, decks, porches.
  • Clean out attic or basement.

The list can go on and on depending on your home.  The process is not a quick one, mind you.  Give yourself quite a few days to complete these tasks.  The important thing is to stay motivated.  You will be thoroughly rewarded.

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