Fleas? In the Winter??

15 Feb

Winter? Wait. What winter? There has barely been a cold week here in the South this year. Unfortunately for my kitties, the fleas have made a surprise appearance lately. Just like with plants, the cold weather serves to give dormancy to fleas and other insects, but when the temperatures don’t drop down enough, there are occasional insect visitors and early bloomers. I am the proud owner of two white cats, Stinky and Willie- both white. Its been said that white cats attract more fleas and I would certainly agree with that. It’s a terrible fight during the summers keeping fleas off. Too bad we’re fighting them off this month, too!

In my experience, the only thing that has worked for them is the Advantage gel that goes on the nape of the neck. It’s not my first choice to use a chemical product on them, because if given to high of a dose, it will cause them to vomit. Definitely not something I like to subject them too. So, last week, I noticed they were scratching a bit and decided to do some searching to find an alternate to the meds. The first thing I did was bathe Stinky in some over the counter flea shampoo, Sergeant’s Gold. image
I can say with certainty that this is a top-notch product. It seems to be mild and gentle and it smells great (as far as flea shampoos go). The best part it- it works. It got rid of the fleas and has relieved his itching. His coat is snow white again, too. I don’t think that will be powerful enough to rid him of fleas during the summer months, but is my first choice at this pont.

During my quest, I did some research online and came across a good website for such information. There are lots of alternatives to chemical products. Take a look at Healthy Pet Journal.

Stinky napping in his favorite spot

Willie playing outside

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