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Hazelnut Spread

About six months back, I started eating Nutella.  I had eaten it before, but really got on a kick starting in the middle of last year when I was working part time in a bakery here in Atlanta.  We used it in some of the pastries as well as kept it handy for customers to use on their breads, etc.  My favorite way to eat it is on top of an almond pizzelle, an Italian cookie. At any rate, in Kroger a few weeks ago, I noticed that they had started carrying their own brand of hazelnut spread.  Never being scared of store brands, I decided to try it.

The Original Nutella

Kroger Hazelnut Spread

I’ve seen other blogs posted about it and so far, everyone seems to think it tastes the same, but also noticing that it has a thicker texture.  The fact that the price was almost half that of Nutella, was the biggest difference.  Lesser differences were the taste and texture.  It is noticeably thicker than the Nutella, proving to be slightly more difficult to spread.  My cookies crumble under the spreading most of the time.  That’s a bummer. Taste-wise, I did notice a difference. The Kroger brand seemed somewhat sweeter.   In this case, it proved to be too sweet for my taste.  My solution was this: I merely added a pinch of sea salt to the spread and mixed it in.  That cut the sweetness just enough.

Will I buy it again? Not sure. Is it worth it to buy a product at a reduced price but then have to modify it and still not be as happy with the original? No.  I think I have my answer…

Have you tried Kroger’s version? Are there other versions out there?


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