$5 Gifts

16 Dec

As we go through the holiday season we are flooded with parties of all sorts: school, church, club, office, etc. To some of these parties, we must bring a gift, often with a price limit set. The latest on that I attended was for my Garden Club in Summerville. The idea is to find a gift for $5 and have it creatively wrapped. It has always been so fun for me to take on this challenge. These days, it seems harder and harder to find thoughtful gifts for so little. However, I never let that stop me. The spending limit was raised in Garden Club this year to $10, but I decided to still seek out the $5 prize. I have included some ideas for you here. I’m an antique lover, so some of these are in that category. It all depends on the audience. These are all things that I have around my house at the moment.

Some places I go for these inexpensive items:

1. Clearance Aisle. TJ Maxx and similar places are marvelous to find the deals. Household items, food items, accessories can all be found there. Specifically, you can find candles, picture frames, notecards, scarves, hats, gloves, health and beauty products and other specialty items. The gift I bought for this party was a microfiber cloth. (Perfect gift for this group because it is reusable and saves paper towels, etc)


Paper products are always easy to find inexpensively and these are things that people use daily. Choices about to suit the person you are buying for abound.

Boxed Note Cards, Notepad with Case, and Pencils

2. Antique auction or store.
These types of stores are truly the places to find unique gifts. Whatever a person’s interest, there is something to be had in antiques. Below is a pepper grinder that my mom got at an auction some years ago.  $5 for an item that I have not seen another one of.


Pear Pepper Grinder

Another auction find is these hammered aluminum trays.  They are matching trays with Chrysanthemum patterns.  The smaller of the two, 13″ across was $5, and the larger, 18″ was $10.  Not a bad deal at all.  I keep them displayed on top of my china cabinet and use them as needed for entertaining.


Hammered Aluminum

3.  Use yourself.  What can you make yourself or put together on your own? Below is one of my favorite things to give and a favorite on the receiving end from what I’ve been told.  Here I have a jar of pepper jelly that I made.  I put that together with some cream cheese and crackers and would put it in a basket or holiday packaging.

If you don’t can, then other items that you make are always loved by others.  Other options would be some spiced nuts, cheese straws, cakes, cookies, hot tea, and the list goes on. Non food items you could put together would be things like Christmas ornaments, greenery arrangements, personalized picture frame or a cutting of a plant that you have grown in your home.


Pepper Jelly, Cream Cheese, and Crackers for Gift Basket

4. Garden Center or Home Store

These last two gifts were the ones that I received at the party.  The hanging pot holder was purchased at an Outdoor/Garden Center.  Not sure of the price, but I imagine it was closer to $10.  The Christmas cork stoppers are a fun little holiday item.


Hanging Pots

Christmas Cork Stoppers

What are your ideas? Comment below and let me know. Happy Holidays!

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